...when Mr. Strand was upset over the placement of furniture, he wrote me threatening to "become like the Hulk and smash me."

—sworn written testimony of Randy Banks
September 27, 2018

Below is the actual email exchange.

Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2015 00:32:47 -0700
Subject: Don't make me angry
From: Leif Strand
To: Randy Banks


"Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

Don't make me show up for these board meetings. I don't want to, but I will, if I feel I have to.

Love ya,
Baby Jim

Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2015 00:35:50 -0700
Subject: Re: Don't make me angry
From: Randy Banks
To: Leif Strand

Wouldnt dream of it baby Jim! Lol

Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2015 22:45:28 -0700
Subject: Re: Don't make me angry
From: Leif Strand
To: Randy Banks


So the HOA asks of the Friends, "Where are the globes?" To which I say, "Where are the flags?!" The pot calls the kettle black... Except that "the kettle" in this case actually gives a shit and is trying (and is admittedly dysfunctional, but no more so than the HOA or this fucked-up building).

—Drunk+Stoned Baby Jim

P.S. Please don't fuck with the roof.

Date: Sat, 15 Aug 2015 15:11:56 -0700
Subject: Re: Don't make me angry
From: Randy Banks
To: Leif Strand

Baby Jim,
Sorry for late response I have been busy past few nights
Just to set the record straight.
1. I never had anything to do with flag pole project. I think it would be nice but we have much more important projects to do before then. I guess those people who wanted it done felt is was a bigger project than they could handle

2. I dont believe there was any money spent with no results certainly not $10k

3. My pet project was elevator shaft
I always felt peeling lead paint and brocken windows should have been priority for saftey reasons. I asked Jim at least half a dozen time over the years to help me on that project.
Spending money on light globes vs elevator shaft seemed like the equevalent of putting new windsheild wipors on a car with brocken wind shield.

For the record I was one of the few people that pushed for the friends to get the spring tour back.
Please remember the tours where taken away do to lack of
1. Transparency
2. Lack of correct tax filings
3. Lack of coperation with the board
4. Lack of a clear cut goal or road map of projects
5. Jims irrational behavior

If the Friends erned money elsewhere maybe the need for a clear goal or project list would not be so important however the HOA most import Duty is to Maintain the building and its financial interest. So revenues erned buy using the castle and more importantly people homes is a fiduciary responsibility of the board. ( what if I where to tell you hey Lief give me your paycheck and I will be your friend. But dont ask me what I will use your money for)

I was hoping things would have been much more structured given the past. When Jim decides not open for Christmas tour it like the little kid on the playground that takes the game ball if he isnt allowed to play quarter back. It silly and childish...I expect more from you baby Jim lol.

If Jim is not on the board of Friends he should not control the check book. I like Jim personally however his behavior has cost all of us thousands of dollars on legal fees and he is not fiscally competent. He has given alot to the castle and I respect his pasion however he needs to be managed, I task you with that job my friend.

I doubt if I will be on board next term. I ask certain things from the friends to help cement a good working relationship with the friends. I am a friend not a foe.
The next board may not be so friendly.


P.S. feel free to share this with whoever you want. I have not written anything I have not already said aloud

Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2015 15:55:11 -0700
Subject: Re: Don't make me angry
From: Leif Strand
To: Randy Banks


Sad to see we are now on the verge of becoming enemies. I always liked you.

Make no mistake: the Friends lost the tour because that puppet of Jan, that evil hag Alaine lauched a vendetta against them. It had no basis in fact. Jan wanted the tour for herself and she pulled her Puppetmaster strings to get it.

What have the Friends done other than good for the building? Most recently with the wainscoating. Now that Jan puppets Oxford and Sucksdorf are influencing the board, somehow years of history are erased. How quickly people forget.

To make matters even worse, I heard through the grapevine that you are about to join the Alaine camp (like she did with the ballroom floor and those couches), you are about to destroy our only true sactuary, the roof. And only because of realtors and bridesmaids! When they say "jump", the HOA says, "How high?"

Indeed, at the end of the day, it is always only about money with the HOA board, and those people who like to be on the board. If the Friends got a million dollar grant, you'd be begging for their help. You don't give a shit about "transparency" or any of the other things you mentioned.

Glad to hear you may not be running. It will give me an opening. I don't want to, but apparently I have to. Those who don't want to: those are the people you really want on the board.


Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2015 00:31:09 -0700
Subject: Re: Don't make me angry
From: Randy Banks
To: Leif Strand

Ahhhhhhh Lief my boy,

Never loose your sense of humor!!!!

You dont want to be enemies with me (I know where the bones are buried) And I dont want to be enemies with you! (I have rumors of some sort of dasiea on me) kinda creepy but funny non the less.

We are the hall of Justice against the axis of

Seriously building politics should not cause problems between friends. Like I said in previous email, I like Jim as a friend although I find him fiscally irrisponibal (sorry if that offends you baby Jim)

If you want to run to be on the board you have my blessing and even my vote!

But you must familiarize yourself with David Sterling act. These guidlines basically say as elected board member you must put owners financial priorities first "fiduciary responsibility" it is legally binding and not doing so is something that any owner can sue the board for (remember I told you about by HOA attorney friend from vegas?)
Yes the Friends have done many projects over the years, but it was always on money given to friends from using castle common areas, using castle staff and owners donating their apartments !
Contrary to your comment Jan didnt want the tour (infact she was pushing for only one tour)
2 years ago when Dior said at the board meeting they didnt have time to organize spring tour, Jack and I looked at each other in dismay and said fine then lets let Friends prove them selves competent.
Funny thing is we were promised a letter of intent on future projects back then.
An event booked on a sunday is somthing like $6500 so GIVING that day to friends and additionally asking owners to open there doors essentially is a donation to the friends.
Again I ask you to give me your paycheck next week to be your "friend" But dont ask me what I will do with the money. C'mon Lief you know that is crazy.
The roof furnitue is a saftey issue (one of the chairs broke when Jim sat in it)
Yes when a real estate agent points out how shaby it looks it hurts property value. Ultimately that means my investment isnt being properly maintained. Laugh, tease,Joke,or even insult me personally and I wil laugh it off.
Fuck with my propery value/investment,money, I view that as essentially stealing my money...that is not OK!!
Lief get a grip and look at the big picture
And realize if you do get ellected you will never please everyone, you too will have to write emails such as this to disgruntled home owners and the only thing you MUST BE GUIDED BY IS DAVIS STERLING.

So I end this email with 1 question. ...
Friend or Foe???

See attachment

Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2015 02:37:28 -0700
Subject: Re: Don't make me angry
From: Leif Strand
To: Randy Banks

I think we are done here.

Your "boy",