The Threat from Randy

From: Randy Banks
Date: November 15, 2018 at 8:17:54 PM PST
To: Dianne Patrizzi
Subject: Pending legal action


I am reaching out you with question and discription of what I am planning to do not as threat but hopefully as solution to end all the bad blood at castle that has forced me to retreat from my home.

I understand that Leif has lost his job and can tell you from experience that employers frown upon restraining orders i dont believe it would show up in Seattle but dont know for certain.

That being said are you 2 moving back to Seatle?

If so and I would feel more comfortable returning to my home full time vs the weekends. Other residence would feel more comfortable as well.

I will not have a need to pursue further legal action if that is the case.

Win or loose a civil suit will be costly and really would prefer to let this all go away.

If you guys where to leave for the duration of restraing order it would be beneficial to all involved and a few years maybe things could be back to how it used be.

I am once again requesting your help and cooperation in this matter and as I tried to explain in email to Leif I am not speaking or acting on behalf of HOA.

Please let me know if your moving is an option by 5 pm tommarow, as I have decisions to make that are time sensitive in reguards to my living situation.