Obituary — Randy Banks (cont.)

Mr. Banks takes a sudden interest in the laundry room.

• In May of 2018, upon hearing that someone had drawn devil's horns on "flat Karen" in the laundry room, Banks reacted as if a crime had been committed. Abusing his position on the HOA board, he combed the security footage of the laundry room to find out who did it. To his frustration, he found Strand's girlfriend Dianne. The devil horns were easily wiped off of the life-size cardboard cutout, which had been there for months.

• Believing that "it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission", he secretly gave a green light to Karen's remodel of the laundry room while the HOA Chairman was out of town. Banks was building the case to later install Karen as Building Manager.

(The redundant building manager position offers a passive income stream to a white person who merely forwards resident requests to "The Help".)

• Distraught by the unauthorized disposal of the Lending Library by a renter, Strand flipped off Karen upon returning with Dianne from lunch 🖕. Then, in the first known use of "swatting" at the Castle, Banks filed a bogus police report in response, causing a Pasadena Police officer to show up at Strand's door. (Upon reviewing the security footage of Strand calmly flipping off Karen while passing through the lobby, the Board opted to do nothing.)

• On June 3, 2018, at the Tour afterparty, Strand's girlfriend Dianne confronted Banks about calling the cops. Banks stated that he had to "protect the women". Dianne exploded, verbally attacking him. She called him a "misogynistic piece of shit". She accused him of having a small penis.

I wish I had been there. I would have gone for his toupée.

Dianne later explained to me that "protecting the women" is what pimps do.

She left notes in response to Banks calling the cops. Take a joke, people.

Randy's Castle story should have ended there. But now he had found a new mission. He had to "protect the women".

"Women who live by themselves."