Obituary — Randy Banks (cont.)

• Late on the night of June 3, 2018, Banks harassed Strand and his girlfriend Dianne via SMS, admonishing them to "check [their] meds". Soon after, the HOA board asked Banks to resign (for the second time). Banks stubbornly refused, threatening to stage a coup, ousting the rest of them in retaliation for any recall attempt against him. The cowardly HOA board backed down.

• Mr. Banks wanted to shut down Dianne's newsletter, even as Karen's newsletter was distributed by the HOA. He was thwarted when told that such newsletters are protected by California law as a matter of free speech.

• On June 20, 2018, Banks persuaded Karen's gullible landlord, Grey, to show up for a Board Meeting -- for the first time, ever. She gave a speech attacking Strand and his girlfriend Dianne, characterizing them as a menace, even though she had never met them either of them before. At Banks' insistance, she concluded her speech by taking a swipe at Dianne, calling her a "weird tenant".

(In private with others, Randy even called Dianne a "pot bellied pig". The only women he wanted to "protect" were those he wanted to fuck.)

Mr. Strand stewed quietly in his chair as Grey's speech was going on. Unable to persuade the Board to "do something" about the horrible threat posed by Strand and his girlfriend Dianne, Grey stormed out of the meeting with her tenant, Karen. Moments later, Banks stormed out of the meeting to join them, leaving before even the Open Session had ended.

Randy's Castle story should have ended there, too.