Restraining Order

Mr. Strand has a long history of aggressive and threatening behavior, often occurring while he has been intoxicated, towards other owners, tenants and even guests at Castle Green.

• On the unofficial message board that he created for the property, he posted that as soon as he finds the person responsible for shutting the fire doors that he will push that person off the nearest balcony.

• He emailed one of the owners after becoming upset over the placement of furniture at the property, threatening to "smash him".

• On multiple occasions, he has been warned about his extremely drunken and threatening behavior towards female guests that were at the property during the annual Tour of Castle Green.

His prior girlfriend reached out to other neighbors after he hit her and threw her out of the apartment, and she had to stay on another resident's couch so that she could avoid returning to the abusive situation.

He confronted a neighbor on his same floor, threatening to kill her cat, and rushed at her while screaming, causing her to run inside her apartment and lock the door.

• In retaliation for an owner attempting to report his behavior to the Police, handwritten notes were left underneath the owner's door indicating "You are going down."

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